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Massage – Reflexology

Foot massage – $25/15 min | $45/30 min
Relieves stress, pain and stiffness while promoting emotional well – being as it increases blood circulation and aids the body in eliminating toxins, includes hot stone massage.

Introducing our new Certified Reflexologist!

SO DO FOOT MASSGEWhat is Reflexology?
Reflexology is a holistic method of applying alternating pressure on reflex points using a thumb and finger technique. There is reason to believe that the entire body is connected through reflexes to areas of the feet, hands, and outer ear. The Egyptians made pictographs inside tombs displaying techniques of reflexology. It originated from ancient Egypt, China, and India. It spread throughout the world. some interesting facts about this history is showed that Marco Polo translated a Chinese massage book to spread it through Europe. Dr. Fitzgerald, “Father of Reflexology” started it in the United States. He was a ENT who worked at Boston City Hospital. He used pressure as a numbing method. Then Dr. Shelby Riley continued with Fitzgerald’s findings adding more researched results with Zone therapy. Then Eunice Ingham “Mother of Modern Reflexology” : who was a student of Riley evolved the maps and work on the feet. She is famous for the modern methods used now.
How Does It Benefit Me?
There is so many benefits with doing reflexology. Our world is now made up of constant stress, processed food, quick changes, instability, and chronic illnesses. We have found by going back to basics and getting better in tuned with our own bodies; we can find alternative methods to help created homeostasis within our bodies.
Here are some of the benefits:
– improves circulation
– releases tension in muscles
– helps repair and create new cells
– takes away waste
– stimulates nerve functioning
– pain control
– increases energy
– improves immune system
– aids with sleep
– improves mood
– keeps body in balance
– promotes the production of endorphins.

Frequently Asked Questions?
How old should you be to do reflexology? Any age, it is a noninvasive safe method of healing. I have worked on a 2 year old client and an 86 year old client with a broad range in between
How often should you have sessions? Depending on whether you have chronic conditions, age, each client is different. shouldn’t be seen more than twice a week for chronic conditions and can be seen monthly for regular functioning.
Will it hurt? or tickle? The pressure and technique used surprisingly doesn’t hurt of tickle. You may have tender spots where it needs to have some extra care to help unblock the congestion. You will be amazed with the feeling.

Please be kind and courteous if you cant make your appointment give me a 24 hour notice. I ask that you don’t wear perfume, oils, and lotions to the session. If you have any open sores of the feet, broken bones of the feet or a fever I will not be able to work on you at that time. Please let me know of any problems you may have or questions. If you have allergies, new symptoms, pain, or questions let me know before the session begins. If during the session you feel something tell me. I can work on it to release the congestion. At the end, I can answer questions for you, but I can not diagnose anything, only give suggestions. Hope to see you soon. I enjoy helping you feel good. Happy Feet makes a Happy Person! Simply “Thumbtastic!!!!”

Introducing our new Certified Massage Therapist, Gail Brazil.

Gail Brazil is a graduate of Spa Tech Institute in Ispwich, Massachusettes. She graduated in 2006 and has been practicing massage therapy for the past eight years. She also holds a certificate in Wellness and Healing Arts from North Shore Community College in Danvers, Massachusetts. In 2009 she earned her Reiki Master Certification. She has been a volunteer for Hope Health for the past two years offering massage and Reiki to their hospice clients. She is also a member of the Falmouth Lions Club.

*** For all Massage and Reflexology please call 24 hours in advance for appointments!

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